Kabel NYYHY Jembo ( Kabel Tanam )

Kabel type NYYHY dapat di gunakan untuk pompa Submersible, kabel jembo yang kami jual tersedia berbagai ukuran dan dapat pula dipesan dengan panjang kabel sesuai permohonan.


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1. Conductor                :  Plain Annealed Copper Wire

2. Insulation                 : Polyvinyl Chloride

3. Colour Code             : Colour Coding ( see table )

4. Outer Sheath           : Polyvinyl Chlorida ( Black Colour )

5. Cable Marking         : Manufacture name ( JEMBO CABLE )


Symbol : NYYHY
Applicable Standard : Rated Voltage : 450/750 Volts
Min bending radius static : 8 x cable diameter
Test voltage : 2500/5V/min
Other Specification are available on request
Other Specification are available on request
Application : These cable are suitable for flexible connection and control cable for heavy mechanical stresses with free movements without tensile stress, in dry and wet location, as wiring cable for measuring and controlling in tool machinary, production line plant installation, conveyer belt, air conditioning and rolling mills.


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